Food Items for Dialysis Diet Plan

Dialysis or hemodialysis is an artificial blood cleansing method that takes over the kidney’s function when it has stopped functioning normally.

For patients on dialysis diet is very important that you consult with a qualified nutritionist before adding or subtracting any foods from your diet. PH balance of the body must be carefully monitored to ensure that the kidneys and other vital organs get the support they need. Eat foods that will help maintain the balance, and consuming the correct amount of fluid is essential to avoid kidney transplants and dialysis support.

Here are some of the suggested food items for your dialysis diet plan:

• Fat free, whole, or low fat milk

• Fruit-flavored yogurt

• Non-dairy products for desserts (frozen)

• Unsalted beef, pork, lambchops, chicken or turkey

• Fish (fresh or frozen) suggestively salmon and tuna

• Seafood (shrimp, clams, lobster, scallops, crabs, oysters)

• Egg (specifically egg white at least two)


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