Diabetes Kidney Disease and Good Foods

When the kidneys are damaged, a potential long-term complication of diabetes, they lose their ability to filter the blood properly. That’s dangerous because waste and excess fluid can’t escape your body. A meal plan that takes this into consideration is important for people with decreased kidney function and those with kidney failure on dialysis.

Patients with the healthiest diets had a lower risk of kidney disease and of dying than those with the least healthy diets. Patients who ate more than three servings of fruit per week were less likely to develop chronic kidney disease than those who ate less fruit.

Limiting potassium can seem difficult—it’s found in fruits and vegetables, which are the cornerstones of a healthful diet. Some foods that are high in potassium include avocados, tomatoes, and potatoes.

Seeking out high-fiber foods that will fill you up is also a good idea. Some foods that are great fiber sources as well as moderate in potassium and phosphorus include cooked barley, buckwheat, green beans, cauliflower, and collard greens. Uncooked pears, tangerines, apples, berries, and bell peppers are also good choices.


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