Diabetes and Kidney Disease: What Should Eat

ImageWhen the kidneys are damaged, a potential long-term complication of diabetes, they lose their ability to filter the blood properly. That’s dangerous because waste and excess fluid can’t escape your body. A meal plan that takes this into consideration is important for people with decreased kidney function and those with kidney failure on dialysis.

If you have diabetic nephropathy, or kidney disease, diet is an essential part of treatment.

Prepare food differently. Soak potatoes in water before cooking to remove some potassium. Drain and rinse canned vegetables or beans to reduce the sodium.

Choose fruits and vegetables that are lower in potassium: say, an apple instead of a banana.

Eating a low-fat diet. taking drugs to control blood cholesterol, and getting regular exercise can also help prevent or slow kidney damage.

Eat , vegetables, low-fat dairy products, that that is helpful. which is red meat, fat, sugar, is not beneficial and increases the risk of kidney disease.


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