IgA Nephropathy: What Could I be Doing to Help Myself

ImageIgA Nephropathy is unknown agents cause the glomeruli to become — and to stay — inflamed. IgAN is the world’s most commonglomerulonephritis , but its pathogenesis is not known. IgAN is considered to be animmune-complex mediated disorder, which means that immune complexes may not be the direct cause of the disease but they help bring about the end result, which is widespread inflammation of the kidneys.

IgA nephropathy is not always a progressive illness. In many cases, people with IgA nephropathy remain stable, do not develop kidney failure, and are able to have their symptoms treated effectively.

Doctors have found that about 25% of those with IgA nephropathy develop chronic kidney failure that progresses to end-stage kidney failure.

What could I be doing to help myself?

Avoid tobacco. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels, raising pressure and affecting peripheral circulation.

Support your liver. To give your liver as much help as possible in its work of removing immune complexes from the body, reduce or eliminate your intake of caffeine, which is found in many sodas, cocoa, chocolate, and tea as well as coffee.

Drink plenty of pure water. If you are not absolutely sure about the purity of your municipal or private water supply, drink distilled water (available at drugstores and some supermarkets).

Get plenty of sleep. Most IgAN patients complain of fatigue and need more sleep than before they became ill.


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