Foods to Eat and Avoid for Kidney Dialysis Patients

ImageDiet is important to help Dialysis patients control blood levels of certain nutrients.The sodium, potassium, phosphorus, protein and fluid in the foods you eat need to be monitored with your kidney diet.

Recommended Food for Kidney Dialysis Patients

Low-Sodium Foods:Select fresh meats, fruits and vegetables not preserved in a salty sauce or broth. Also, when shopping for snacks, choose low-sodium or salt free versions of chips, pretzels and crackers.

Limit High Phosphorus Foods: Choose white starches instead of whole grains. Replace dark colas with clear, lemon-lime soda to reduce phosphorus intake.

Drink Enough Fluids: Cranberry, grape and apple are all good juice selections. Coffee, tea, low-sodium broth, water and clear sodas can also help keep you hydrated.

Foods to Avoid If You Are on Dialysis Treatments

Dairy Products

Whole Grain Foods

Canned Foods

Nuts and Seeds

Potassium-Containing Fruit


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