5 Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure Diet and Nutrition Do’s

Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure means the kidneys have a severe reduction and soon may lose all function. While having a balanced diet is important for everyone, for individuals with kidney disease, it is even more important to make good choices with respect to diet. While stage 4 kidney failure is a serious condition, there are dietary choices that may help to preserve kidney function.

Drink Water: Make sure to drink enough water through the day. The 8 glasses a day idea is not a rule, but you should be sipping water regularly. It can help push out toxins from the body and it can help the sluggish digestive systems many lupus sufferers experience.

Eat Fish: Fish is a lean protein that is high in omega 3 fatty acids. It is a great alternative to red meats. Look for unprocessed fish products. Some pre-cooked varieties are high in MSG and salt.

Eat Whole Foods: Look for foods that you can eat whole. If you’re craving starch but are resisting the refined carbohydrates, try having potatoes or brown rice. As much as possible, try eating vegetables and fruit in their raw forms. They have more fiber and nutrients when uncooked.

Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods: There are many naturally anti-inflammatory foods. They include flax seeds, avocados, walnuts, berries, leafy green vegetables, carrots, squash, and lean protein. Choose fresh foods over processed ones.

Eat Easy To Digest Foods:One of the side effects of lupus is a troublesome digestive system. Help it along by having easily digestible foods. Try soaking your nuts before you eat them. Sprouting is a great option for delicious and nutritious home grown vegetables.


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