Why Does Bubbles in Urine happen in Diabetic Kidney Disease

Patients with diabetic kidney disease usually can find bubbles in their urine. They may wonder why does bubble happen, what is the harm of it and how to treat it. Now we will solve these problems for you.


In diabetic kidney disease, the first and the commonest symptom is proteinuria. That means patient’s glomerulus can’t filter protein well thus will lead much protein to flow into urine. Then protein will cause bubbles on the surface of urine.

The basic pathology of diabetic kidney disease is glomerular membrane getting thick with mesangial cells growing. So glomerulus permeability increases and they can’t filter protein as normal.


Loss of protein can cause hypoproteinemia, persistent edema

and malnutrition . Patients will have fatigue and much pain which can affect their sleep. They can’t eat well and work well. Their life equality is decreasing.


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims to repair injured inherent renal cells and functions through vessel enlargement, anti-inflammation and coagulation,etc. It is an original therapy created by our hospital and has been proved effective and convenient.

The measure is to grind the medicines and penetrate them into kidneys through certain machines. So it can avoid the side effects of oral medicines.

Chinese medicine can impair damaged glomerulus gradually and then glomerular functions improves little by little. When glomerular filterability goes up, they can filter protein well and proteinuria can be alleviated and even reversed.

Is there any bubble in your urine? Are you a patient with diabetic kidney disease? If the answer is yes, please contact us online or by e-mail. kidneyfailure@hotmail.com We’ ll be there for you.


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