Treatment for Kidney Stone

When you have kidney stone, there can be infection in your urinary tract. It can cause fever, backache or even renal insufficiency. Kidney stone decreases patient’s healthy condition and lower their life equality. It is necessary for them to understand kidney stone and to treat it as soon as possible. We will explain our treatment for kidney stone for you.

The main reason of kidney stone is diet. When you take much food contains too many substances which can form stone, kidney stone will happen to you.

Traditionally, we can treat kidney stone through endoscopic sphincterotomy or dissolve stone treatment. Here we will introduce a new and natural treatment for you.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy permeates Chinese herbal medicine into kidney by special machines.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine takes great effect to enlarge vessels in order to

improve the blood supply of ureter and increase urine volume. Then micro-wave created by our micro permeameter will make stone move down along with the enlarged ureter to excrete out of body. This can alleviate discomforts of patients quickly.

Moreover, to avoid the reformulation of stone, micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy increases blood volume in kidney to provide more oxygen to kidney and to improve microcirculation and integral renal function. This keeps urine PH stable and makes Ca, lipid fully dissolved in urine. So kidney stone won’t form.


Kidney stone is a substance made of calcium oxalate which can cause renal colic. So doctors suggest patients with kidney stone should eat less calcium. We suggest you to have low purine diet. You should eat more fruits and vegetables because they can make urine turn into alkaline. This is beneficial to avoid the formation of kidney stone.

You should also limit the intake of high-sodium and high-protein food. We suggest you to have high fiber food. Any question you can Email me:


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