How to Treat Proteinuria in Hepatitis B-related Nephritis

Much proteinuria is a severe sign of the damage in kidney. Patients with hepatitis B-related nephritis often have much proteinuria. They and their relatives are worried about their healthy conditions and want to alleviate the disease. It is urgent to treat proteinuria in hepatitis B-related nephritis.

What is hepatitis B-related nephritis?

It is a disease in glomerular epithelial cell caused by hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B virus activate immune system and cause damage to the barrier function of epithelial cell. So glomerulus can’t filter protein thus much of them flows into urine. Proteinuria happens.

Why does hepatitis B-related nephritis happen to you?

That is because you have defect in your immune system. There are many duplicable hepatitis B virus which are not controlled in your body. When the virus invades your glomerular epithelial cells, they can activate antibody to form immune complex thus cause damage to barrier function of charges in glomerular epithelial cells. As result, hepatitis B-related nephritis happens.

The key of treating hepatitis B-related nephritis is to block fibrosis of kidney caused by hepatitis B virus. While Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy plays a great role in preventing fibrosis. It makes use of traditional Chinese medicine and let them permeate into kidney through advanced machines. The first step is to expand renal vessels to increase the blood perfusion of kidney and the whole body. Then this therapy enhances metabolism by improving micro-circulation and proving oxygen. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also takes effect in releasing the disorder caused by the lack of oxygen and symptoms of poisoning. Only after fibrosis in kidney is blocked, injured renal epithelial cells and endothelial cells can be repaired and glomerulus can filter protein. So proteinuria can be alleviated or even reversed.

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