Symptoms of Ruptured Kidney Cyst

Kidney cyst is a common disease in clinic. Simple kidney cyst may not cause complications, however, ruptured cyst will cause some severe symptoms, which are summarized as follows.

Blood in urine

Kidney cyst is characterized by different cysts, with the time, the cysts will increase both in numbers and sizes. When the enlarged cysts oppress each other, some are filled with blood or ruptured. Once the cysts are ruptured, the cystic fluid will outflow, so blood in urine appears.


Usually, the pain is in back, abdomen, buttock, and it will spread to bottom. When patients with renal cyst begin to occur pain, it means the cysts has been ruptured. However, in other cases, the pressure of cysts will oppress surrounding structures or organs, it may also cause pain.


When the cysts which are located on the external of the kidneys are ruptured, the cystic fluid will flow into abdominal cavity, cause peritonitis. In clinical, the disease is needed surgery immediately. If you want to know more about the symptoms, contact with our online doctors.


Sepsis is a severe infectious disease, it means the germs invade into blood circulation, lead to blood infection. Once cysts are ruptured, the cystic fluid can infect blood easily, thereby, patients may appear sepsis.

Acute renal failure

When the cysts become bigger and bigger, the kidneys are damaged badly, cause the decline of kidney function. If most kidney functions are destroyed, renal failure will happen. At this moment, patients need dialysis or kidney transplant to maintain their life.

So, the sooner cysts are treated, the better chances for stopping renal failure. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can shrink the cysts effectively, avoid ruptured cyst or even kidney failure. Because the medicines can be permeated into lesions directly, with the help of osmosis device, patients can make full use of the shattered medicines.

In the same time, the method is safe, no side effects and painless. If you are interested in the therapy, leave a message below, you will get free introduction. Good luck to you!


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