How to Save Cortical Cyst in Right Kidney

Cortical cyst in right kidney refers to vast cysts on cortex of the kidney. If uncontrolled, or badly controlled, the cysts will spread to left kidney, or even cause kidney failure. So, effective treatments are very necessary, let’s learn it below.

Oral drugs

Generally speaking, if the condition is not severe, taking some drugs may be useful. However, if long term use, the oral drugs may stimulate stomach, cause nausea, anorexia and other side effects. Besides, the efficacy of drugs is not obvious.


During the process of surgery, the cystic fluid will be pump, and replace the liquid with alcohol. In this way, the cysts will shrink gradually or even harden. If the cyst is larger, removal is suggested. However, surgery may cause infections and relapse easily, so the method is high risk and bring great pain to patients.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The therapy is natural and safe. The effective medicines are based on traditional herbal medicines, then the herbal medicines are shattered, and put into two bags. During the course, patients can lie on the bed, and the bags are put under the kidney lesions. With the help of osmosis machine, the medicines can be permeated into lesions through skin . Most important, the medicines can improve kidney blood circulation, repair damaged cells, expand blood vessels to enhance renal function.

Once kidney function is improved, the cortical cyst may be controlled or alleviate. If you are interested in the method, contact with our doctors, maybe the method can help you.

In addition, keeping a healthy diet is also important for patients with cortical cyst in right kidney. Such as stop drinking, avoid animal giblets, coffee and chocolate, since these foods contain much toxins and may speed up the progression of kidney injury. Besides, patients should treat the complications of PKD timely.

If you happen to be puzzled by cortical cyst in right kidney, and eager to find an effective method to treat, Contact us by email:, our online experts will provide free service for you. Good luck!



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