Why People with Kidney Cyst Present High Blood Pressure


Kidney cyst, just as its name implies, refers to various sizes of fluid-filled cysts within the kidneys. One of it’s common symptoms is high blood pressure, so why high blood pressure will appear? Follow me to find the causes.

Increased secretion of renin

Generally, healthy kidneys can produce renin, angiotensin and other hormones to help control blood pressure. However, in renal cyst, the enlarged cysts will oppress the surrounding kidney tissues and other organs, causing decline of kidney function, in this condition, the secretion of renin will be elevated, thereby, high blood pressure occurs.

Water-sodium retention

In the early stage, the cysts will not cause obvious symptoms. If left alone for long times, the cysts will increase to a certain range, they will cause decline of glomerular filtration rate. And, kidney tubules will reabsorb much sodium, so blood pressure will increase to discharge the redundant substances. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can delay the progression of kidney damage, repair the injured tissues cells effectively, and reduce the development of high blood pressure.

If you happen to be troubled by the symptom of kidney cyst, and want to know the reason why cause hypertension, contact with us, maybe we will help you.

Besides, other factors can also lead to high blood pressure. Such as, diabetes, hypercholesteremia, obesity, etc.

The healthy lifestyle is also necessary for patients with kidney cyst, because the good habit and diet may be able to protect kidneys. Such as, limit the intake of salt, avoid strenuous activities, go to bed early to ensure enough sleep. Besides, they need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid infections.

If you have anything unclear about the causes of high blood pressure in kidney cyst, send an email to kidneyfailurecn@hotmail.com or leave a message below, maybe we will help you to find the answer.


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