Can Kidney Failure Cause Gout

Patients in kidney failure often have pain and swelling at joint. This is gout. They can’t move normally and suffer from others’ mock. Can kidney failure cause gout? The answer is yes.

Gout is a metabolic disorder which featured at increase of blood uric acid. The reason of gout is the deposition of urate in kidney or other organs. In kidney failure, there’s bad damage in glomerulus. They can’t filter uric acid normally and make the crystals depositing in kidney tubules. Inflammation will be caused and it can lead to retention of urine which will aggravate kidney disease in turn.


The key of treating trout in kidney failure is to control hyperuricemia.

This means to increase glomerular ability to filter uric acid. Immunotherapy is a good way to improve your glomerular filter ability by promoting immunity of whole body including kidney.

This therapy can adjust immune state of body and let body make suited response to disease by using immune stimulant.

There are three measures of immunotherapy:

1. Immune tolerance

Let patients adapt the deposition of immune complex and the damaged inherent cells of kidney.

2. Immune block

Invite patients to have regular infusion of immunosuppressive drug. This can avoid further inflammation in the area which deposits

uric acid. Immunity will improve gradually without obstacle. Then glomerular function goes up and can filter extra uric acid out. So gout will be alleviated.

3. Regular assessment on immunoreaction

We monitor patient’s state of disease to make integral plan of treatment so as to ensure the veracity of blocking treatment and the efficiency of remedy. Gout will be released accordingly then.

Suffering from gout in kidney failure? Don’t worry anymore. Please contact us online or by e-mail. We will do our best to help you.


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