How to Lower Creatinine 4.5 in Stage 3 Kidney Disease

High Creatinine level 4.5 means severe injury in kidneys because it’s too much higher than the normal level(0.5-1.2). It can cause many serious complications in stage 3 kidney disease.If it is left alone or poorly controlled, it will eventually lead to kidney failure. So it’s important to lower creatinine 4.5.Here are some measures:


Creatinine is the metabolic waste from muscles and should be filtered out by glomerulus. When glomerulus get damaged, its ability of filtration decreases so creatinine builds up in the body.

Most kidney diseases are related to the decline in immune system. Immune system is vital to our bodies because it can protect us from diseases. Once the immune system get damaged, people can easily get infected.

Immunotherapy is a systemic biotherapy which uses various kinds of treatments for example remedy, dialysis, herbal medicine, acupuncture and so on to form a whole plan for patients to increase their immune ability.

It contains six steps : immune tolerance, regular blockade, assessment, adjustment, protection and elimination.By immunotherapy, patients will improve their immune ability so as glomerular function. Then creatinine will be filtered out and thus alleviate high creatinine. If you want to learn more,please click Immunotherapy here.

Healthy diet and lifestyle

To lower creatinine level, patients should limit food contains high-protein and high-fat as they will cause burden to glomerulus. They are limited to eat high-salt food, too.

We suggest them to eat more fruits and vegetables and have diet mainly in light flavor. Food with high-quality protein is needed such as meat, egg white, milk, etc.

Proper exercises can prompt blood circulation and metabolism, so it is good for patients to have mild exercises. Moreover,alcohol and smoking are forbidden.

Creatinine 4.5 is a bad signal for patients in stage 3 chronic kidney disease. It is urgent to be relived. For more information, please contact us by email: .


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