How Treat Kidney Cysts

There are mainly three kinds of kidney cysts: poly cyst, simple cyst and acquired cyst. Among them, poly cyst is an inherited disease. When kidney cyst breaks, it can cause backache, blood urine or other painful symptoms to patients. So it is urgent to treat kidney cysts to alleviate patients’ discomforts.


1.Discomfort in back or backache

Cysts on kidney make kidney swell and then increase the tension of renal capsule. So renal pedicle will be pulled and near organs will be pressed. This will cause discomfort or pain on back.

Moreover, cyst fluid adds more water to kidney. Therefore kidney will become heavy and then strain. This can also bring backache.

2.Blood urine

There are many arteries under the wall of cyst. When pressure or concurrent infection comes, the vessels will be towed too excessively thus they can break and blood will flow out. Blood urine happens then.

3.Abdominal mass

It is the main reason for patients to go for a doctor. Cysts on the kidney will grow gradually. When they are big enough, patients can feel or touch the abdominal mass. Generally speaking, the bigger the mass is , the worse the renal function is.


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The key of treating cyst is to excrete cyst fluid out. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can achieve this aim by permeating traditional Chinese medicine into kidneys through advanced machines.

Chinese medicine takes effect to enlarge vessels then make fast blood circulation to stimulate cyst fluid flowing out. It can also increase the ability of renal tubules to reabsorb the cyst fluid.

Cyst fluid brings inflammation to kidney while inflammation can hinder renal function. So it is vital to resist inflammation. Chinese medicine plays a great role in discharging toxins. Inflammation will alleviated and even reversed. Consequently, cyst will decrease.

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