Early Discovery and Treatment of Uremia

Many patients with uremia discover their disease at a late stage. They miss the best time to treat it. Although usually there are no obvious symptoms of uremia at early stage, there are some unconspicuous symptoms as below. People should pay attention to these symptoms as early discovery can extend patient’s life and improve their life equality.

Early symptoms of uremia

1. Light fatigue or inattention

2. Anemia, pale or yellowish face

3. More urine at night or light colour in urine

4. Discomfort in stomach or nausea

5. Irregular menstruation

6. Edema in eyelid or legs

7. High blood pressure

If you have more than three symptoms as above, you should go to hospital to do some checks.

If you are already diagnosed of uremia in an early stage, don’t worry too much. Uremia is not irreversible all the time. Uremia at early stage can be kept stably and even be reversed by effective treatments.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Crymotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Crymotherapy is an original therapy created by our hospital which aims at restoring damaged renal inherent cells and functions. It permeates grinded medicine into kidney through several machines. Practices have proved it effective and with no side effects of oral medicines. The mechanism of this therapy is to enlarge vessels, resist inflations and coagulations and so on.

As time goes by, the injured renal cells will be repaired gradually. Bad factors that deteriorate renal functions will be excreted out; inflammation of kidney can be cleared out. So glomerular function can be improved to filter redundant water and sodium thus will alleviate uremia.

If you or your friends are suffering uremia, don’t be distressed anymore. Please be free to contact us. It’s our pleasure to help you. You can send us e-mail kidneyfailurecn@hotmail.com


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